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What will you achieve this mnth?

All the things you can do in a mnth

It's July! We're halfway through the year already! How's it going for you? Are you halfway towards your 2019 goals? If not, don't worry, there's still time. Just take it mnth by mnth.

So let's get going with July.

Learning this mnth

Was this the year you were going to learn how to code? No time like the present. Try Codecademy.

Julius Caeser's mnth

Originally "Quintus", the month was renamed for Julius Caesar.

Sports mnth

The Women's World Cup and tennis galore.

How's your mnth?

What have you achieved? What do you still want to get done? There's still time! Let's go!

Next mnth: August

If it's summer where you are make sure to get outside and enjoy!

Time is ticking!

The end of the mnth is coming up in

    Do more this mnth

    You can achieve a lot in a mnth.

    But it's easy to get side-tracked, or completely off-track. Day-to-day distractions and urgent little things crop up and we take our eye off the big picture.

    Then another mnth has gone by. And a year. A lifetime.

    Seize control and make each mnth work for you.

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